Counselling Services

Are you experiencing tension or conflict in one or more of your relationships? The relationship with your partner, a family member, a friend, someone in the community or maybe with yourself? Is there tension or conflict with your environment, your job, how you are living your life, or simply life itself?

Talk therapy is a very efficient way to really look at what just isn't feeling right or what is holding you back at this time in your life. Mindful contemplation is a powerful technique to get to know yourself and your patterns and defaults.  We all have them. It can be used to tease apart the 'whys' of those patterns and get to the 'hows' of mending, healing and moving forward. Patti has over 30 years of experience working directly with people and their problems, and over 60 years of life experience.  She is here to walk this path of self discovery with you and to start the process of change. If you're waiting for a sign. This is it.
Counselling Session
$125 (60 min)
$180 (90 min)

Using psychotherapy techniques, we will evaluate your day to day functions in terms of your relationships with the world around you to better understand what is detrimental and what is healthy in order to optimize those relationships. Whether it's with a partner, in the workplace, your environment, your mental state, or even yourself.