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Nutritional Assessments
$85+HST (Initial Visit-1 hour)
$175+HST Combo (Initial+1 hour+half hour visit)

This is where we will gather information based on current lifestyle, eating habits. Discuss your goals and expectations. We will review the current forms and I can provide some basic steps for better nutrition.
$70+HST (1 hour)

This is where we will discuss the personalized plan created based on our previous session. This should happen 1 week after the initial visit.
$45+HST (half hour)
Third visit and ongoing follow ups: This is where we discuss your plan, and can work to modify as we address your concerns and you reach your goals.
Meal Planning
Create a 7-day meal plan based on your personalized nutritional needs and goals. This will include recipes and shopping list. At least an initial assessment is required for meal planning.
General Needs
One time visit to discuss general nutritional questions that are specific to your interests. The assessment forms should be completed prior to this session.
Grocery Store Tours
Meet and tour a local grocery store to show how to make nutritional choices and read nutrition labels. This will assist you in making healthier choices on the run and can assist in meal planning.
Kitchen Clean Out
$75+HST (1 hour)
An at home visit to assist in making healthier choices by cleaning out your fridge and cupboards while learning about nutrition labels.
Corporate Lunch and Learns
Discuss topics that will educate and motivate your staff to become more healthy and in turn more productive. Topics vary, but examples may be: increasing immunity, good fats vs bad fats, nutrition label reading, stress eating
Meal Prep Assistance
Provide help if you are new to cooking and rely too much on convenience foods. Or if you just need some help to prepare some meals in advance that are easy to freeze and eat later.