ver my years as an RMT, I’ve been leaning more into prenatal and postpartum care, from providing pregnancy massages to Lactation Support/Educator as well as Infant & Family Sleep Professional. One thing that I’ve noticed is most often I will see the parent during pregnancy, then not again until 6 to 12 months after birth. When I ask them about their birth and how the baby is, they let me know all the struggles they had not knowing that some bodywork for the baby would have helped. Although it may seem like common “baby things”, it doesn’t mean it’s normal therefore bodywork would help. Craniosacral Therapy can treat some of the most severe symptoms parents seem to be struggling with their baby. Craniosacral therapy works to release fascia within the entire body. Assessment techniques help to see the baby in a new way. Symptoms will no longer be seen as a problem that the parents have to live with, but as a sign of what can be treated with CST. CST treatments take a baby that cries all day or hasn’t pooped for days to calm by using gentle touch that relaxes their body and stimulates the nervous system. CST answers the questions about symptoms. Symptoms lead to areas in the body that need to be treated. Some techniques may change the head shape of a baby which means their latch and digestion will improve.

Feeding Issues:
Parents may blame themselves if their baby isn't feeding well. But likely it’s something within the baby's body that needs to be addressed.

Pre/Post Tongue Tie Revision:
A tongue tie brings on many problems with feeding, digestion, and sleep. Some families choose to get a revision and some don't. Either way, bodywork will help.

Parents know their baby is in pain as they spend all day calming a screaming/crying baby, and some have no idea of knowing how to help.

A baby that is swallowing too much air has to get it out somehow. They may grunt, scream, turn red, spit up, and generally be very upset.

Head Shape:
With the advent of the Back To Sleep Campaign came the baby head shape woes. Infant heads can shift into non-preferred shapes if left in the same position for long periods.

Sleep issues:
As already listed; a hungry baby, an uncomfortable baby, a gassy baby, an overstimulated baby, a “reflux” baby, a sore baby, or a tired baby all create poor sleep and it wears on the whole family.

Benefits of CST

Better Feeding:
Improved muscle function and head symmetry will help them to latch better, gain faster, and enjoy the feeding experience for both parent and baby.

Improve Mobility:
CST helps to loosen up a baby's body to make it easier to move around. Easier movement equals better mobility and a better chance of hitting milestones.

Relieved families:
Providing answers to questions and worries, lets parents know that something can be done about their baby troubles.

Better sleep:
A baby who is comfortable in their body, not trying to push out gas bubbles, and is calm and relaxed, will usually have a better night's sleep.