Chiropractic care has numerous benefits throughout the prenatal period such as reducing back and pelvic pain, relieving fatigued and aching muscles and helping prepare the body for childbirth by balancing the structures of the pelvis to allow for optimal positioning of baby but did you know that chiropractic can also help during the postnatal period?

In the postnatal period chiropractic can help ensure a faster recovery by addressing common biomechanical and pelvic alignment issues. As a chiropractor trained in postnatal rehabilitation, there are a few key things that I look for and assess in the postnatal period. These include alignment and movement of the bony structures of the pelvis, muscle tension and weakness in the glutes, separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), breathing mechanics, nervous system function, postural dysfunction related to feeding postures and more.

Based on the findings we come up with a treatment plan that can include adjustments, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, exercise rehabilitation, feeding posture modifications etc. I often suggest that birthing people come in to see me for a baseline assessment around 1-2 weeks post-delivery for vaginal birth and once the incision is healed for cesarean birth (or sooner if they are ok with receiving treatment for the neck, upper back and shoulders). Frequency of care varies based on the findings as well as the goals of the birthing person.

My goal as a chiropractor and postnatal rehabilitation specialist is to help facilitate your healing journey through the postnatal period so that you are able to keep up with the demands of parenthood and return to your pre-pregnancy activities pain-free.

If you have any questions about perinatal chiropractic care please feel free to reach out!

Dr. Tara Hosie, BScK, DC

Chiropractor and Acupuncture Provider