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Individual psychotherapy

Mental Health is health and your health matters. Emotional struggles can affect the quality of your life and relationships and may manifest in physical complaints.  While there’s a lot of mental health information out there, it doesn’t take into account your unique needs and circumstances. Healing happens in connection. You deserve a safe space just for you.You do not need a diagnosis or doctor’s referral to receive support and many group insurance plans cover Registered Psychotherapy.  Sessions are available on Mondays. Our professionally trained therapist can assist you in dealing with a range of issues including:

Our professionally trained therapist can assist you in dealing with a range of issues including:

• managing and reducing stress, anxiety and burnout
• juggling work and family life
• returning to work after baby or children
• parenting and the transition to parenthood (including: feeling triggered by your child(ren), postpartum challenges, sibling rivalry, behavioural challenges)
• relationship challenges (including: communication struggles, resentment around the invisible/mental load, disconnection and lack of intimacy)
• compassion fatigue (vicarious/secondary trauma and burnout)
• grief and loss (including perinatal and infant loss, job loss or ending of an relationship or friendship)
• emotional regulation and co-regulation
• navigating life and work as a highly sensitive person
• family of origin issues
• perfectionism, self-criticism, low self-esteem

While everyone responds differently to therapy and has varied capacity and resources that may support or hinder progress, some of the ways therapy can help include:

• strengthening your connection to your authentic self and honouring your needs
• deepening your understanding of your unique nervous system
• increasing your courage and confidence to speak your truth and set and hold boundaries
• learning to focus on what you can control and embracing uncertainty
• challenging unfair societal expectations and letting go of unhelpful mother guilt
• healing old wounds and grieving recent losses
• reframing unhelpful thinking and internalized negative beliefs
• learning healthy ways to cope and express anger
• replacing self-criticism and unrealistic expectations with self-compassion and acceptance
• protecting your time and energy
• sharing the load and cultivating healthy, equal relationships
• providing healthy co-regulation, emotion coaching and repairs to your child(ren)

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Introductory Call
$Free (15 min)

Starting therapy can feel scary or confusing. You can request a FREE 15 minute intro call to make sure we’re a fit and get all your questions answered.
1st Appointment: Assessment & Treatment Plan
$160 (60 min)
During our first session, I will be asking a lot of questions about your current circumstances; your strengths and struggles, your hopes for our time together and vision for the future, as well as questions about past experiences. We will go at your pace and check in with how you’re feeling. If needed, I will support you to soothe and calm your nervous system. Together we will co-create goals that matter to you. Tears and laughter are welcome.
Ongoing Therapy
$155 (50 min)
Each ongoing client-centered session is based on the goals that you set and what you are needing at the time. We will celebrate your successes, connect to your inner wisdom and address obstacles and setbacks. I practice from a number of evidence-based approaches including mindful self-compassion, IFS parts work, polyvagal informed therapy, CBT, SFT, Gottman and Attachment theory and the conscious parenting perspective.