Lactation Education & Consultation

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What can our Lactation Educator help you with? Erica can help with the following:

Erica can also offer an experienced perspective for feeding. To date, she has almost 4 years of feeding experience. Erica has personally used a SNS (Supplemental Nursing System), spoon method, syringe & tube method. She has also had to supplement, and use lactation medicine/aids in her lactation journey.

Erica understands the importance of supportive collaboration within the healthcare system. Her role is one as an educator and counsellor, NOT a Lactation Consultant. However, Erica can appropriately refer clients to a Lacation Consultant or other medical professional. Lactation Educators are not qualified to offer medical advice or suggest that families act against medical advice.

If you or your family are interested in lacation education please book with Erica Pisciotto.

What can our Lactation Consultant help you with? Victoria can help with the following:

Through her experience she has grown passionate about supporting families through all of the struggles of infant feeding from the first feed to the last without judgement, pressure or over expectations. She will help you meet your feeding goals, whatever they may be.

Victoria is here to listen and assist you meeting whatever goals work best for your family. Please know Victoria will never pressure you to continue on a plan that is not serving you and your family. Formula or breastmilk or combo, breast or bottle, Victoria is here to educate and support as best as she can.  

If you or your family are interested in a lactation consultation please book with Victoria Munro.


Lactation Education

Individual Lactation Education & Support Session
$30 (20min)
Education and support for prenatal & postpartum periods.

Lactation Consultation

Initial Assessment
$158.20 (90 min)
If this is the first time I am seeing you and your baby this is the appointment for you.
Lactation Follow-up
$90.40 (45 min)
We will discuss how things have gone since our last visit, do a weight check to see how baby is growing and then do another weighted feed (especially if supply or weight gain were primary concerns).
Private Breastfeeding Class
$113 (90 min)
This private class is a chance to get all of your questions answered. We will follow a
general class structure, but customize to your concerns and lifestyle. You can come alone, but partners are always welcome!