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Cupping therapy is an ancient alternative medicine technique where cups are used to create suction and increase circulation to body tissues. Cupping is often associated with bruise-like marks that can be, but are not always, left on the body after stationary work that are a result of broken blood vessels as blood is drawn to the area. These cupping marks are typically painless and should disappear within a week. Certain techniques can be used to reduce or avoid marking all together.

Cupping can be used to help reduce adhesions and tension between the muscle and connective tissue, increase blood flow and support the body’s repair processes. It can be effectively used to reduce pain and support muscle health in a variety of muscle conditions. Cupping can help to support healthy skin, reduce scars tissue and support systemic circulation. Other common indications for cupping include digestive dysfunction, athletic recovery and stress management.

In modern practice silicone or plastic cups are used depending on the condition and technique applied. Sometimes cups are used stationary on a body part for several minutes at a time or incorporated into a treatment with a massage-like movement. 

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