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Massage therapy Pricing

Theraputic Massage
$70 (30 min)
$90 (45 min)
$105 (60 min)
$120 (75 min)
$145 (90 min)
Your Registered Massage Therapist will customize your treatment based on your needs and any areas of discomfort. Insurance receipts are provided after treatment and direct billing is available.
Prenatal Massage
$70 (30 min)
$90 (45 min)
$105 (60 min)
Using a special pregnancy table and prenatal approved massage oil, this nurturing massage allows mothers-to-be to comfortably lie face-down. Insurance receipts are provided after treatment and direct billing is available.
*When booking online please indicate how far along you will be at the time of treatment to ensure that the Pregnancy Massage Table is reserved for your use.

chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic Care
$55 (15 min)
$ (30 min)
$125 (60 min - Initial Assessment)

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands on treatment to address any areas of discomfort. Our chiropractors practice a manual approach, providing diagnosis, treatment and preventative care. Insurance receipts are provided after treatment and direct billing is available.
Medical Acupuncture
$80 (30 min)
30 min follow up acupuncture treatments after your initial 60 min assessment that will be administered by your chiropractor. Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is a technique that involves inserting fine needles into specific sites on the body in order to modulate abnormal activity in the nervous system. This can assist with a wide array of symptoms and conditions including but not limited to muscle pain, joint pain, headaches/migraines, PMS/painful periods, TMJ and stress/anxiety. Insurance receipts are provided after treatment and direct billing is available.
Pediatric Chiropractic Care
$50 (15 min)
$70 (30 min)
$110 (60 min - Initial Assessment)
Specific care for infants/children ages newborn - 12yrs. Pediatric Chiropractic helps with growing pains, torticollis (issues turning head), hip dysplasia, headaches, neck pain and other common childhood complaints.

Child, Youth & Family Counselling

Initial Exploration Telephone Call
Free (15 min)
A complimentary 15-minute exploration telephone call is necessary before your first session to help determine that I am the right fit for your needs. Please book this free appointment prior to our first intake session.
Intake Sesion
$225 (90 min)
For children 12 years and under, we begin with a parent-only intake session to establish goals, gather background history, collaborate on the therapeutic process, and answer questions. Parents and caregivers are still welcome to attend the intake session for clients over 12 years of age, but not required.
Ongoing Counselling Session
$165 (50 min)
Each ongoing counselling session is anchored with your established goals in mind, while holding space for adaptation to the unique needs of each child, youth and family.

pelvic floor physiotherapy

Pelvic Health Phsysiotherapy
$120 (60 min)
Treats a wide range of conditions dealing with pelvic health. Your initial assessment with consist of an internal pelvic health assessment.
Pelvic Health Phsysiotherapy
$105 (30 min)
Continuation of the treatment plan provided in your initial assessment.


Initial Assessment
$115 (60 min)
Osteopathy is a manual therapy that focuses on the relationship between structure and function in the body.
Follow-up Treatment
$75 (30min)
Follow-up Treatment
$99 (45min)
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