Upcoming Classes & Events

Mom & Baby Pilates
with Rachel Fackoury

Join other new parents in this 5wk postnatal pilates series. Each 45min class will help you retrain your core and pelvic floor, reintroduce movement back into your daily routine, and do so in a safe environment amongst others going through the exact same thing. The class will focus on a gradual progression back into fitness with a strong focus on listening to your own body along the way.

Wednesdays at 12:30pm
Starting August 23
$110 + HST


Mama & Baby Yoga
with Alex Muirhead

Mama & Baby yoga is a 5 week series designed for mothers to help aid in the recovery of birth and pregnancy and regain strength and mobility postpartum. Through breath work and specific poses, you will feel rejuvenated and supported. This class is a great way to meet other like minded parents and foster a community. This class is special as we marry the two worlds of yoga and parenthood. Show up just as you are and attend to your baby during the class as you see fit! Fussing, crying, feeding, and diaper changes are all accepted during class, nothing is a bother!

Tuesdays at 2:30pm
Starting September 5th
$110 + HST

Prenatal Yoga
with Alex Muirhead

This 5 week series was designed to help pregnant people build strength, build confidence, relax, destress and help alleviate aches and pains of pregnancy through gentle movement and breath work. We focus on the core and pelvic floor breath to prepare you for birth and support your growing body. These yoga classes will help prepare your mind and body for all the changes that happen during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is truly a gift for you in your pregnancy. Building a community of like minded people is so powerful and another huge benefit to joining Prenatal Yoga with Alex!

Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Starting September 6th
$110 + HST

Rest & Restore: a rejunventative practice
with Megan Prenty and Alana Rigby

This 75 min class in the restorative yoga tradition uses guided breathwork and supportive postures to help promote rest, ease, and healing.

Each class begins with guided meditation and breathwork to help the mind and body unwind. Then we move through four or five different supported postures using props to create maximum support, comfort, and ease as we challenge our mind and body to slow down.

Gentle touch is offered for those who wish throughout the practice. No previous experience necessary. Bring comfortable and warm clothes. Props, water and tea, all available for you at the clinic.

Thursdays at 7:00pm
September 7 - December 14
Taught by: Megan & Alana
Drop in: $25 + HST

Prenatal Basic Lactation Education
with Erica Pisciotto

This group session can be attended during pregnancy between week 32 and the estimated due date. Helpful for anyone that needs lactation information, this can include the lactating person as well as the support team (father/partner/grandparents).

The session will provide basic lactation information and strategies to help you have the best start to your lactation journey as well as providing information on when and how to access further support as needed.

Thursdays at 12:30pm
September 28th, October 26th, November 23rd, December 21st
$20 + HST

Calm & Strong: Mindful Morning Flow
with Andrea Wingelaar

A mindful practice with a balance of movement and strength, release & rejuvenation for body and mind to help you feel your best. Suitable for beginners, advanced practitioners and everyone in-between.

This class will involve a combination of flow, stability, mobility, breath, myofascial release and relaxation.

Andrea’s classes are TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) inspired, and will always offer you ways to support yourself within the seasons of nature and of your life.

All props are available at Encompass.

Tuesdays 10:00am
September 12-October 3
Drop-in $23 +HST
4-week series: $80 + HST

Yin & Restore
with Andrea Wingelaar

Experience deep relaxation and prepare for a restful end to your day.

A class for beginners, athletes and everyone in between, we start with gentle movement, breathwork, and guided meditation to transition from your day into stillness. Yin yoga poses are then held from 2-5 minutes, gently increasing range of motion but also hydrating and strengthening the tissues. Finally we finish with 1-2 restorative poses where you will be held and supported as you rest and integrate mind, body and spirit.

Wednesdays at 7pm
September 13- October 4
Drop-in $23 +HST
4-week series: $80 + HST

Intro to Rocket Yoga Series
with Alana Rigby

Join Alana to learn the basics of this fun, sweaty, and playful style of yoga. Rocket yoga is a set flow. We follow the same sequence every class, and as you learn the flow, it becomes a moving meditation.

Sprinkled throughout the sequence are ‘daffodils’ – challenging poses like arm balances and inversions that students can work towards. As you repeat the flow over this four-week series, you’ll see your practice grow and learn how it feels to align breath and movement mindfully.
-Week 1: all about sun salutations and the rocket yoga foundations
-Week 2: exploring the full rocket sequence
-Week 3: daffodils and ‘bus stops’ (steps towards the more advanced poses)
-Week 4: putting it all together

The name might sound scary, but rocket yoga is for EVERYBODY. Alana offers lots of variations to make the practice something that feels strong in your body – it’s not about what it looks like, but how it feels!

Tuesdays 5:30pm
October 3rd - October 24th
4-week series: $80 + HST
Drop ins: $23 + HST

Strengthen and Stretch Flow
with Alana Rigby

Sweat, smile, stretch.

Suitable for beginners, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between, these drop in vinyasa-style yoga classes will get you moving, breathing with intention, and challenging yourself as we flow through a dynamic series of poses. Then we'll cool it down with gentle stretching and optional self-massage using tune-up balls (provided for you in class).

The vibe is fun, accessible, and informal – questions and engagement are welcome throughout.

Tuesdays 7:00pm
October 3rd - November 28th
Drop ins: $23 + HST

Soul Therapy®
with Vanessa Faria

Join Licensed Soul Therapist Vanessa Faria, in support of women exploring how to connect to your true authentic expression. The benefits are astounding!

Sharing your core truth and living your purpose is deeply pleasurable and incredibly satisfying. Most women are blocked from accessing her core power, her true awareness of self.  

Soul Therapy® is an evolutionary embodiment of exploring your humanness from the SOUL level.

During our time together you will be asked five questions that will lead you into greater awareness of who you are, why you get stuck, what your soul wants to communicate to you, how to manifest your dreams and how to love yourself. If you have ever wanted to tap into your unlimited potentiality and be happy in the flow of life with less stress, now is the time to do so.

Your soul is the guardian and gatekeeper to your true self. Your authentic voice is the one main requirement that resides within you and provides ample opportunities for you to listen, grow and expand.

Most people don’t know how to listen or understand how to embrace your soul’s wisdom and knowledge. Soul Therapy® Seminars are designed to show you how to remove the barriers that stop you from experiencing and loving a fully expressed, evolutionary life!

Vanessa will support and guide you along the way.

Saturday 1:00-4:00pm
September 16

Chakra Balancing & Healing Workshop
with Amal Benoit

Join us in sacred space for a powerful series revolving around the energy of the chakras and group healing. Each month our learning and exploration will focus on 2 different chakra while clearing, balancing and healing the chakra system as a whole.

This approach helps bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony and functioning at an optimal level.

Our evening together will consist of 2 parts.

The first half we will explore the specific chakra from an energetic, metaphysical, psychological, and physical standpoint.

Collectively connecting to this chakra through: Guided Meditation with a focus on body sensation and attunement, sound healing, intuitive practices and movement.

The second part will be focused on clearing, balancing and healing your chakra system through sound healing and vocal toning.

Friday 7:00-8:30pm
September 29