Child Counselling

Children's Therapy & Play Therapy (Age 3 - 12 yrs.)
Children learn to play before they learn to walk or talk - play is a child's first language and it is their most natural form of communication. Young children who have experienced upsetting events and trauma often do not have the maturity to communicate their uncomfortable feelings and negative beliefs through words. In the play therapy experience, toys are the child’s words, and play is the language. Through the use of art, puppetry, sandtray, therapeutic stories, and games, children can often show metaphorically what they cannot communicate with words and thus experience healing. Play also provides emotional distance from distressing topics and builds a safe and enjoyable therapeutic relationship. Play therapy is effective for children as young as three years old and can continue to be helpful with older children and occasionally up into the teen years.

Our professionally trained therapist can help support children dealing with a wide range of challenges, including:
-Parent-Child Attachment
-Emotional Regulation
-Family Stress and Changes
-Bullying and Social skills
-Separation Anxiety
-Depression and Low Self-Esteem
-School Issues

Youth, Teen & Adult Therapy (Age 12 - 25 yrs.)
Symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem often emerge during adolescence and early adulthood. Accessing therapy can help young people to overcome emotional, behavioural, school and relationship problems and realize their strengths and full potential. My approach is client-led and collaborative, and each session is anchored with your established goals in mind. Depending on client preference and need, sessions may utilize creative approaches from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Expressive Arts.

Our professionally trained therapist can assist young people in dealing with a wide range of challenges including:
-Relationship, Work or School
-Depression and Anxiety
-Emotional Regulation
-Self-Esteem & Body Image

Family Therapy
When a child is struggling, everyone in the family is affected. Research shows that strong family bonds are the greatest predictors of a child's ability to be resilient after a stressful event. As the most important person in your child's life, parents and caregivers are invited to be involved in their child's therapy as much as possible. Family sessions will encourage healthy expression of thoughts and feelings and enhance communication between all members. Parents and caregivers will also be equipped with tools to better understand their child's behaviour, strengthen family bonds, and co-create solutions to problems.  

Our professionally trained therapist can assist families in dealing with a wide range of challenges including:
-Family Dynamics
-Mental or Physical Illness in the Family
-Blended Families
-Parenting and Behaviour Management  

Benefits of Child, Youth & Family Therapy
Facilitating Healing from Past Stressful or Traumatic Experiences
-Allowing the Expression of Feelings
-Encouraging Creative Thoughts and New Ideas
-Allowing the Development of Healthy Decision Making Skills
-Enabling the Communication of Problems and Concerns to Others
-Supporting the Learning of New Ways of Thinking and Behaving

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