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Work is piling up and emails keep coming in, but all you seem to be able to do is stare blankly at the screen. You feel frozen in time and so overwhelmed making even the smallest decisions seems like too much. You feel as if you are being pulled in a million directions. You constantly think about your friends, family, partner, and work and the ways in which you are letting them all down. You lie awake at night, unable to turn your mind off. That to-do list rolls around in your head, getting longer by the minute. You wonder if you will ever be able to feel relaxed, rested, and ready to face the day. You forget what it is like to enjoy life, and instead focus on everything that is going wrong. Some days you feel sad, other days you can’t stop worrying about the future.

If you are carrying the mental load of sadness, worry, and self-doubt around with you, maybe it is time to consider making a change. How would your life look if you were not burdened by these things? Perhaps you would feel motivated to try new things, more confident in your abilities, connected to those around you, and better equipped to handle challenges that come your way. You do not have to continue living this way. Support through counselling can help you gain a deeper understanding of your problem area, learn healthy ways to cope with stressors, and build resiliency.

Rochelle Kaikai offers support in areas such as:

-Parent burnout/ Burnout
-Stress management
-Anxiety/Social anxiety
-Substance use
-Boundary setting
-Adjusting to change/ Life transitions
-Processing emotions

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